Hello! My name is David Taylor and I live in Ottawa, Canada. Although I have worked many years in youth justice— photography is a hobby that has been most enjoyable. My particular interest is in insects and wildflowers (bugs and blooms).

What amazes me about this subject matter is the unique colours, shapes, patterns and designs.There is nothing more enjoyable then heading out with my camera to wander through swamps, fields, forests to discover these little marvels. This is when I see that "God walks every where incognito" (C.S. Lewis).

The camera equipment that I use is a Nikon D300 (transitioned from a Nikon F100) and two macro lenses, a Nikon 105 mm and 200 mm. The majority of my photographs are taken hand held and using natural light.

If you would like to use any of my photographs please feel free to contact me!